Designing with Empathy

I craft enriching experiences and solve user-centric problems through my design.

My work

Here is a collection of my selected works.

Boosting e-commerce conversion rate

Revamping the checkout process in e-commerce - Web Application Design

Simplify managing and conducting exams.

B2B SaaS Application to help examiners conduct online exams.

Designing for elderly care

UX research and design project done for the Ministry of health in Singapore to prevent social isolation in elderly.

Enhance pizza delivery experience

Stakeout pizza mobile application for easy ordering pizzas and tracking deliveries.


Conversational AI Design - Medium article

Building human-like conversations for chatbots.

Side Project

YouTube Channel - Design with Shriya

On my channel, you will be seeing videos on product and UX design. Tips about career transition into design, presenting your case studies, and working with stakeholders and on ways to keep yourself motivated in your goals to achieve your dream design role. Stay tuned to stand out from the crowd and be your own personal design brand!

Popular Dribbble Shots

Collection of my selected dribbble work.

Dashboard Concept


Event Booking Concept

Motion Design - UI Animation

Collection of my motion design work using Adobe After effects.

About me

Currently, I work in Conversational AI Design for Fintech (B2B SaaS). Previously, I have worked in E-Commerce (B2C), Sales Engagement and Enablement, and Education Domain.

As a designer, I strive to meet the requirements of both users and the business. I believe that UX Designers are both Problem Spotters and Problem Solvers.

Given my engineering background I can connect well with developers and speak in their language.

I love to talk about design be it Design Sprints, Service Design and Digital Innovation, and of course the Art of Storytelling! 



Active AI

UX Designer

May 2019 - Present,
Bangalore - India

Zooloo Info Systems

UX Designer

July 2018 - March 2019,

Objective Experience

UX Intern

Feb 2018 - May 2018,

McFadyen Digital

UI Developer and UX Designer

July 2015 - Aug 2017,
Bangalore - India


National University of Singapore

Software Engineering

Masters Degree, 2018-2019

RV College of Engineering, Bangalore

Electronics and Communication

Bachelors Degree, 2011-2015

Design talks

I love talking about how design can solve our problems.

UX Strat 2020 (remote)

Oct 2020: Strategic design to eradicate social isolation among the elderly.

Lean Agile Exchange (remote)

Sep 2020: Engineering and Design Collaboration to build Agile Software Products

ChatUX, Austin (remote)

May 2020: Breaking the shackles of app mindset through Conversational AI Design

IxDA Hanoi,Vietnam (remote)

April 2020: How to use design sprints to get engineering and design collaboration to build agile products

Women talk design (remote)

March 2020: How to collaborate between engineering and design collaboration to build agile software products

Designing health - Ladies that UX, Bangalore

March 2020: Combating social isolation in elderly women. Designing women health and well being

FIGMA 2.0 - Figma meetup, Bangalore

Feb 2020: Engineering and design collaboration to build agile software products.

DesignMyx - Myntra HQ, Bangalore

Dec 2020: Mobile Clinic - Creating a solution space to support and promote healthy living in the community.

Design Mentorship

I am a part of UXMP Mentorship Program as a Product Design Mentor.

It is organized by UXVN and IxDA Hanoi