Home Needs The Online Grocery Store


Home Needs is an Application catering to the day to day grocery needs of an person. Often we don't find enough time to go grocery shopping due to our busy life style, hence this application will try to provide one stop solution enabling the people to order groceries while staying at home or workplace.

Tool Kits Used

Balsmiq Mockup, Sketch App, Photoshop

My Role

This was an Individual Project. I played the role of UX Researcher, UX Designer in this Project.

02Problem Statement

Online Supermarkets are increasingly becoming popular due to the extreamly busy life we are getting into. Lot of people require an application so that they can order most of their daily needs online, hence preventing the hassle of going and searching the products at a store. Users such as working professionals and often need delivery at their door step within a particular timeframe as they cannot always find time to shop for their groceries. Due to these problems, there has been increasing demand for an easy to use application which can provide an efficacious marketing experience online.

03User Research

In this project I began with exploring answers to the "Can I?" Questions of the users. This includes all the features which the customer would want as:

User Needs

In this project I began with exploring answers to the "Can I?" Questions of the users. This includes all the features which the customer would want as:

  • First time user, who is inquistive about getting discounts on 1st Order.
  • Most of the 1st time users are concerned about getting discount on their 1st order. Hence, every offer provided to these users must be easily accessible to them.

  • Frequent user who is well versed with the exsisting functionalities.
  • Regular users would want to reorder their products frequently as they wish to. In order to archieve this, they would like to have custom/ daily product list. These lists should be easily accessible and should be quick to place an order through them.

  • Return users, these are the ones which have used to application and would like a customized view of the products they would like to buy.
  • Among the returning users, some can have issues regarding the products delivered. Like stale or missing products. This can go under product return or refund. A design solution here would focus on two issues. 1. How do I return these products? 2. Can I ask for refund?

04Organizing Information

Organizing information 1.1

After exploring the possible solutions to the "Can I?" question, I began to organize the problem tasks in the interface in such a way that each problem is taken care through the application. To understand the problem deeply I segregrated different sections in the application and tried to target one task through each section of the interface.

1. The My Profile section would take care of the user specific information like user specific information, order tracking, user complaints and customer care option for user concerns.

2. The Home Screen pays an important role in targeting most of the user's tasks as it is the first screen the users see immediately after opening the application. Product Search, Order from Existing Lists, Make new List, Products on offers and Recently viewed products and Product Suggestions can be incorporated here.

Different Possible Views of Homepage

Organizing information 1.2

3. The Item / Product List View focusses on multiple functionalities like Add to Cart, Change Quantity of Products, Apply specific Filters, Ability to sort through the products and look for category specific offers.

Collaborating multiple functionalites on this screen makes the Task of Finding Relevant Products easier and improves the navigation experience of the Customers.

The sorting Functionality answers to "Can I order products available only on offer?". Also, the Category Specific Discount Banner, enables user to get only products on discount.

Organizing information 1.3

4. Return or refund option is a profile specific task and hence users can see a list order history from Profile Menu and fetch the order from where the return / refund request must be placed.

The Return / Refund functionality also has customer assistance and helps the user to register complains of unsatisfactory products. User can select the reason to refund after choosing the products which are not satisfactory. This gives the user two step easy process to avail refund for their order.

5. Adding products to Custom List functionality is useful for people who order products at regular intervals. This will prevent the hassle of selecting the frequently bought products again. The Daily / Custom list would be present on the Home page (for logged in user - Profile Specific) of the users. They can view and edit the list and place order instantly.

05Design Process

06Final Design

Selected Visuals of the Final Design