Airport Application An easy and handy travel assistant


Airport Indoor Navigation is a Mobile Application for those who need navigation assistance while they are walking at the airport. This application will provide them with flight information, Ticketing and Boarding pass details along with with step by step guidance to airport store navigation.

Tool Kits Used

Balsmiq Mockup, Sketch App, Photoshop

My Role

This was an Individual Project. I played the role of UX Researcher, UX Designer in this Project.

01Problem Statement

There are many people flying in and out at the airport and at time they need some assistance to find places in and around the airport. Often users find it difficult to find their way through the airport checkin formalities and procedures. Some of them would like to spend some quality time at the airport in case they arrive early.This application tries to address these problems and strives to provide a better experience to the users at the airport.

02Case Study

I tried to build a user persona to have deep understanding of the users of the product and analyze the problem from their perspective. I listed down all the primary and secondary goals of the users which had to be converted into user tasks while building the application.

Marry Brown is a graduate student and arrives at the airport 4 hrs prior to departure. She is new to the airport and would like to seek assistance to navigate around airport for checking in on time with her airlines.

Primary Goals: She would like to spend some quality time at the airport and buy a present for her friend in London.

Secondary Goals: Explore new cuisine and places to eat at the airport. Stock up some drinks at duty free.

03Understanding Target Users

When I looked through the problem, I realized to break it according to two category of users. In this way I can break all the primary goals and sub goals associated with it into smaller and easier tasks. These tasks would be reflected in the application as design solution.

  • Users who are running late and are in hurry to navigate to their departure gates on time.
  • Users who want to spend a quality time at the airport.

User Type 1: In hurry to catch Flight

If a user is in hurry to catch the flight and has not already checked in, they would require to login through the app with the PNR and fetch the e-ticket. After this he would need help to reach his checkin counter as soon as possible. This would be the most important task for the user.

User Type 2: Spend Quality Time at Airport

It the user would want to spend quality time at the airport, he would explore places to eat and shop after checkin. While they explores leisure options in and around the aiport, they must not get lost. Therefore, map assistance would help them reach destination and hence save valuable time.

04Design Process


Low Fidelity Mockups build before the Final Visual Designs.

04Final Design