Mobile Clinic Creating a solution space to support and promote healthy living in the community


We are tearing down the walls of the hospital to bring the medical fascility for elderly at their doorstep. They need our service, We are coming to them.

The idea is to solve the problem of social isolation in elderly is by providing them medical check-up facility through a mobile van clinic which has an integrated smart medical device to capture their vitals like blood pressure, temperate and heart rate and give their medical report in their own language. We also have Virtual doctor consultation for those who need medical attention.

02My Role

This was a Group Project (Team of 5) carried out for Digital Innovation Designathon held at Ministry of Health Singapore for Alexandra Hospital, Singapore.

I played the role of UX Researcher, UX Designer in this Project.

I also crafted the design of the Idea Poster

03Design Challenge

How might we empower the community to engage with elderly seniors in order to address social isolation needs and promote independent living post discharge from Alexandra Hospital?

02User Research

We began by starting the user research in and around Alexandra hospital area like Queenstown MRT, Commonwealth area and Mei ling street. We also contacted Lions Befrienders and their headquarters in Singapore so that they can arrange meeting with the elderly people who come there regularly. We interviewed close to 25+ elderly including their family members

We observed the surrounding of the elderly folks

To cover the isolated elderly, we went around to their household and we spoke to people influencing their life directly and indirectly as well as their kin.

Near Queenstown, we managed to speak to a few isolated elderly near the bus stop, hawker centre area close to the MRT. We choose them because we observed them for a while walking all by themselves without talking to anyone else around. In Mei Ling Street, we spoke to a couple of family bound elderly, not so tech savvy, but owning a phone. On the other hand we met a group of old uncle living alone who were mobility constraint and dependent on each other. At Lion Befriender’s Centre, we found a bunch of enthusiastic elderly, playing games and chit chatting with their friends.

03Understanding Target Users

As a part of understanding the users of the product I began with developing a customer journey map based on the user interview and other inputs provided by the user which acted as an intersections between user expectations and business requirements.

Building User Personas

After an extensive user research we concluded that we cannot cater to all kinds of personas of the elderly but try to cover a good range of target elderly under our ideation. Hence we decided that our target persona caters to two different kind of elderly:

1. Mobility Constraint elderly

2. Healthy elderly willing to socialize

Mobility constraint elderly needed a sense of purpose in life, specially if they are not living with their family or don't have a family.

On the other hand the healthy elderly who are free for some time during the day can help the mobility constraint elderly to socialize.

Customer Journey Map for each persona

The Customer Journey Mapping across each channel helps to survey and optimize the overall experience. We could gather these details from the journey map.

Customer Journey Map

After all the data we gathered from personas and journey map we went on for building our ideas for the solutioning.

We categorized our solutioning according to technology specific ideas by using a 1 minute approach. All the team members came up with all possible approached to improve the condition of social isolation among the mobility constraint elderly with the help of healty elderly.

This step was primarily to segregate the goals, pain points and user interactions to help build a better experience for the elderly.

The team then went for another round of idea generation this time all possible wild ideas. This helped in having a larger solution space to our design problem.

We finally came up with a variety of ideas and then started filtering them based on feasibility and appropriateness of the target audience. This was followed by discussion on solution flow, our services and features where we analyzed the blueprint of our service design.

04Creative Ideation

Mobile Clinic - Being the mobile clinic at the doorstep.

Our solution includes a mobile clinic which will be sent to the community once a week after spreading information about it with pamphlets distributed in the area. In order to ensure that this information reaches every house we will have our volunteers to promote this information in the target area.

In the mobile clinic we will have a community interaction set up in the form of round table conference.

This is to give a more comfortable atmosphere to the elderly so that they don’t feel that they are coming to the hospital.

check_circle The patients will come for their vital check up, which is done by the nurses using the Integrated Smart Medical Device. This device then send the information to the cloud which is then transferred to the translator application. This application translated the medical details of the elderly in their own language.

check_circle There is also a translator built in the application which enables easy communication between nurses and elderly.

check_circle The elderly volunteers will take the mobility constraint and other elderly home after the check-up in return for a free medical check-up.

Drafting service blueprint

Drafting a blueprint of our service, helped us to understand the connectivity between our key features. It helped us to understand what features we may of overlooked while creative ideation.

For example: We could think about the registration process of the patients at the Mobile Clinic and come up with the ways to capture the registration details of each and every patient coming to the mobile clinic

It gave us clarity of all the support services needed like connecting to the doctors in the hospital and also think about possible chances on service failure in this case due to unavailability of any doctor at that particular point of time. We could also think through about how we will be managing the services at the Mobile Clinic and fill the gaps in it.

05Final Product Features

1. Fingerprint for registration, retrieve medical records (check subsidy).

2. MCU(Microcontroller) based device like Smart Chair, for taking temperature, blood pressure and pulses. Dispense their medication.

3. Have a chat bot for explaining prescription diet and counselling. Remote video consultation by doctor.

4. Entertainment like simple video games, round table chit chat and TV shows to attract elderly.

5. Space for advertisement – which brings revenue and can be used for less income personas

6. Community interaction is facilitated at the mobile clinic by engaging old folks who can help the mobility constraint elderly to reach home in return of free consultation.

06Idea Validation

We validated our idea with 10+ potential users. Most of them were the elderly people whom we interviewed. They could understand the Chinese translation through the translator. They were interested in the mobile clinic solution as they thought it provided them not only the medical advise but also a community to connect.

06Presentation at Designathon

In our final iteration we were supposed to demonstrate our solution idea. We were awarded "Best Idea Presentation" by Ministry of Health Singapore. We were able to articulate the concept in a convincing way to the judges and audience. Since we were having built in features on a mobile van it was vouched as an implementation which was easy and simple to implement.

We had a role play to describe the flow of the idea. We set up the environment of the mobile clinic and had our team members enact as medical staff and elderly patient to describe the solutioning flow.