Stakeout Pizza The Online Pizza Delivery Application


The Stakeout Pizza is a Mobile Application which lets you to order any kind of pizza online. This application also has a custom pizza builder, door-step delivery and live order tracking.

02My Role

This was an Individual Project. I played the role of UX Researcher, UX Designer in this Project.

03Problem Statement

Many a times when we order pizza online, we face several issues like detecting the nearest restaurant, choosing and saving relevant delivery address , applying coupon vouchers and at times tracking your order. These functionalities are not only vital but also make the customer experience better.

04User Research

First and foremost it was necessary to understand the users of the product to get to know about their views on using a similar application online. Hence, I started with user interviews to get to know their belives, desires and experiences about ordering pizza using an app.

I began asking the questions pertaining to the application and I tried to understand about their experiences while using any of the existing apps and if they expect something which was missing.

What do you think of the process of ordering a pizza via a Mobile app?

"There are too many steps for placing a simple order. At times calling and ordering seems a better option, but then I don't know if my order is successfully paid and that I will get my pizza. So Mobile app in that way should provide a better solution."

Do you think it is very troublesome to find an offer applicable on your order?

"Yes it is, half of the time the coupons are not valid and other time I am unaware of the coupon code."

The user wanted an easier way to look for offers or coupons. Most times they get a message with coupon code which they may or maynot be aware about. In such cases they want to know the suitable coupon applicable and an easier way to select and apply them.

At which point, while using any similar apps, do you think the product didn't meet your expectation and why?

"Sometimes, it doesn't take my address. Neither I can manually enter nor I can even change it."

Most important feature for an online delivery application is the address settings, without which the user cannot place any order. I understood that, the user wanted to have option to select address manually and automatically using GPS settings. Address detection should be automatic and ability to save address for custom location should be present.

What additional Feature would like the Online Pizza Delivery Application to have?

"Pizza- Order Tracking which is a rare functionality in Pizza Delivery Apps. "

Users would also like to have a way to see how far their pizza is from their delivery location.

02Understanding Target Users

As a part of understanding the users of the product I began with developing a customer journey map based on the user interview and other inputs provided by the user which acted as an intersections between user expectations and business requirements.

The Customer Journey Mapping across each channel helps to survey and optimize the overall experience. In this project the user journey was segmented into four major tasks: Select Delivery Location , Select Pizza ,Add Pizza Toppings Review your order and Make payment . The thoughts and emotions of the user is analyzed and then suggestions are made to improve the experience.

This provided a deep understanding of the target user and their frustrations while using any of the earlier products. It was perinial to understand what keeps the user busy with their interface and what takes lot of time for the user to arrive at a decision.

In order to solve a specific problem or pain point of the customer it was necessary to understand which obstacle prevents them to archieve their goals or sub-goals.

Brainstorming with post-its.

This step was primarily to segregate the goals, pain points and user interactions to help build a better experience.

It helped me to understand the functionalities in exsiting application and how I can improve upon them. I made sure my low fidelity mock ups contained all the suggestions. I came up with improved touch points to enhance interactivity.

03Design Flow

04Conclusion & learning

1. The design process was important to see the improvements come through. Building a customer journey to understand how they feel while ordering a pizza was important to know their pain points

2. Use interviews provided useful insights about their current problems and discover some new problems as well.

3. For my personal learning I could work on my UI Design skills as well as having an experience of interviewing the users by asking them the right questions to solve their problems.